Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Don't Panic!

This is now getting silly, as we have yet another anti-UKIP piece in the Telegraph, by Europlastic Daniel Knowles. This from the same man who believes Thatcher brought in VAT.

"Ukip is an irrelevance" they keeping saying failing to appreciate the irony of continuously mentioning it. The recent coverage does however illustrate a neat point. This is what it's like when Ukip have a relatively modest rise in some opinion polls, imagine what the pro-EU MSM coverage would be like during an 'in/out' referendum campaign.

The 'outers' will lose.


  1. The piece by Daniel Knowles proves that possession of a pretty face is no guarantee of there being capacity for intelligent thought behind it.

  2. Not enough independent minds and not enough individuality - but hey dumbing down, dogburgers and Z factor [classical version - bread and circuses] - that's the plan.

    One of Two things will change it TBF:
    1. Rolling blackouts and brown outs and coming soon to Britain make no mistake.
    2. collapse of the euro.