Friday, 13 April 2012

"I Actually Believe My Own Bullshit"

It's very difficult not to take great pleasure in the heightened anxiety of the Tory party over the impact of Ukip on their poll ratings. As Richard North notes, there's a whiff of panic as the Cameron friendly media try desperately to mitigate the potential damage.

The Tories of course thoroughly deserve this, arrogantly taking their core support for granted in the belief there was nowhere else to go, they've increasingly been caught out by the 'Cameron-lite' and 'policy by Mumsnet' obsession of Notting Hill. It's such a joy to see those that supported Cameron from the start finding out that he's not quite what he seems, even though the rest of us had worked that out ages ago.

Naturally, as a form wagon circling, we can expect the usual tired mantra in response; a vote for Ukip allows Labour in, it splits the Eurosceptic vote etc etc.

So in the spirit of above I can't resist this from Fraser Nelson regarding the Cameron project:
Exactly two years ago today, David Cameron launched the Conservative Manifesto — one of those rare moments in the Tory campaign where it all seemed to make sense.
Don't laugh, he continues:
When he launched the Tory manifesto in Battersea Power Station, Mr Cameron was pleading to be taken seriously. This is not just a politician’s promise, he said, but a solemn pledge to bring in a new style of politics: “people power not state power”.
But whoops...
If he meant it, he should tell his Chancellor that charities, the vehicles of people power, cannot exist without their benefactors – so a Treasury assault on these benefactors is intolerable. This is not just another Budget hiccup, it’s a question of whose side Cameron’s government is on. As the old Tory poster put it: social responsibility, or state control. The choice is his.
 And in the Spectator he concludes on the same point:
The raid on philanthropists is the precise antithesis of what Cameron claims he came into politics to do.
Barack Obama, during the campaign, warned a reporter that ‘I actually believe my own bullshit’. Does Cameron believe in his own BS? We’ll soon see.
Given the recent polling most have already made up their own minds regarding that question. Nevermind though, the Telegraph continues its anti-UKIP message today:

What we hear here is not only the sound of panic but the closing of ranks.


  1. First they ignore you
    Then they mock you
    Then they fight you
    Then you win.

    Mahatma Ghandi

    We in UKIP should be flattered by the attacks in the DT, Independent, Guardian, ConHome and labour blogs as well ..... the Establishment is waking up to the fact that a significant section of the electorate has rumbled the LibLabCON and is taking its support elsewhere.

    Nigel must be absolutely delighted. I do hope the reports are true that two Conservative MPs are in discussions about joining UKIP - they should get on and do it.

  2. 3 from this family joined UKIP last week, life time Tory voters, well no more.

  3. Walter Ellis gets some stick in the comments - mind you I can't take his 'take' seriously, he's a non entity.
    UKIP - the only party to speak and loudly for Britain!
    Dave is a dead duck and he is now beginning to realise just how 'dead' he is, swanning around Indonesia making schoolboyish naive and stupid speeches, gliding into Burma and telling porkies is no escape but you can tell what he'd rather be doing ['international statesman' - for cryng out loud].


    Billy scored two today - blimey!

    And the Town are on the up too, they did it Paolo's way - good to see TBF, last season's bitter memories - now forgotten I hope.

  4. Great comment DeeDee99, As Thatcher once said "Explaining your position should never involve attacks or insults. It means you've run out of convincing arguments."

    @Anon Welcome aboard

    @Anon, Thanks, yep last season has well and truly been buried. Have to say I was a little nervous of Paolo at the beginning of the season - either it was an inspired appointment or a massive mistake. Thankfully it's turned out (so far) to be the former.