Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Ashton Hearing

Catherine Ashton had her three hour hearing in front of MEPs yesterday. As expected she faced critical questions over her lack of foreign policy experience and some hostile questions from Conservative MEPs regarding her CND links.

Undoubtedly she had spent the Christmas period foreign policy cramming, but despite that she was caught on Afghanistan detail by suggesting that EU troops were there, and didn't know answers to two questions on Somalia. Ashton also responded to the question about her thoughts on the reform of the United Nations Security Council with:
“The answer is I don’t know. This has not even crossed into my thinking… You’ve caught me out. Well done.”
Overall she was vague in her answers, gave no great vision of the role of her position or the EU position on key foreign issues, but ultimately avoided any major gaffes that might have put her job in jeopardy.

The hearing can be seen here.

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