Saturday, 9 January 2010

Prisoner Voting Rights

From Hansard 7th January:

Mr. Pickles: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice (1) who the respondents were to the second round of consultation on voting rights for prisoners; [308289]

(2) how many respondents to the second round of consultation on voting rights for prisoners were convicted prisoners. [308290]

Mr. Wills: The second stage consultation on the voting rights of convicted prisoners closed on 29 September. A detailed analysis of the replies to the second stage consultation-including a breakdown of respondents-will be available upon publication of the Government's response. There have been over 100 responses to the consultation from a number of different groups including charities, local authorities, members of the public and prisoners, which we are currently considering carefully.
Currently considering carefully? I think that's also known as dragging your feet. I wonder what the Tories will do about prisoner voting rights if they win in May?

I suspect that if they win, then they will cave in to the Council of Europe knowing that there's another five years till the next General Election when it will all be forgotten by UK voters. After all the Tories don't want a bust up with Europe.

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