Monday, 25 January 2010

The Cunning Plan?

Bob Ainsworth, has became the latest Labour minister to apparently make a gaffe and refer to a 6th May General Election.

To me the 6th May was always the likely date, but this regular drip-drip of 'gaffes' suggest we're now in the season of silly buggers.

As I predicted here, Brown will be furiously consulting his giant ACME book of Machiavellian plans, and there will follow a period of oh-so-clever will-he-won't-he speculation designed to out maneuver the Tories.

For a 25th March election, dissolution of Parliament would be 1st March, so I suspect in the week leading up to this, Brown will change tact and there will be further gaffes speculation on an earlier election hoping to send the Tories into a panic, an election which of course won't happen and it'll be 6th May anyway as widely predicted.

In Brown's head this will be fabulously cunning stuff, but naturally it will backfire and we'll be reminded that we've been here before.

Of course it could just be that they are all genuine gaffes due Labour's incompetency.

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