Monday, 4 January 2010

The Hare's Running!

And so we're off.

The General Election campaign has started already. With the vote widely expected to be May 6th, confirmed (almost) by Gordon Brown yesterday, the campaign has began in earnest this morning.

Claim and counter claim is rife this morning, but one thing that strikes me - is the self indulgence.

I love elections, especially ones that are close or are likely to involve a change of goverment, but...and there is a but...there now will be 16 weeks of press conferences, interviews, puerile point-scoring, dossiers, vacuous speeches and over-hyped gaffes.

This is far too long for a Parliament whose reputation is shot to pieces and a country whose public finances are in a mess. What is urgently and desperately needed is an election and renewal now.

Four months of petty cynical campaigning is going to turn off an electorate already fed up with the current lot.

Given that a major terrorist attack was just about averted 10 days ago thanks to luck, Brown's concentration seems to be on anything but the national interest.

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