Friday, 22 January 2010

The Frog's Favourite Blogs

Here's a round-up of a couple of blog posts that have caught my eye over the last seven days. Enjoy!

Governmentitus has one or two things to get off his chest

Norman Tebbit admits he was wrong to believe in the European project

A Fistful of Euros has more on the Greece problem within the Eurozone.

Daily Referendum says Brown isn't fit to run this country. I couldn't agree more.

Alex Ellis Roswell leaves UKIP to join The Libertarian Party.

Nosemonkey questions Libertarianism and their stance on the EU.

Charlemagne's Notebook notes that the French are throwing their toys out of the pram.


  1. Thanks very much!

    Have you heard anything about another jolly in Westminster lately? I am wondering if we need to go twist Steve's arm

  2. I've not heard anything yet - I agree I think Steve may need a poke (if you know what I mean!)

    Perhaps a pre-election gathering of liquid enthusiasts maybe be a good idea?