Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Brown Leadership Challenge

Breaking news in the last half hour that a challenge has been launched against Gordon Brown's leadership.

James Macintyre in the New Statesman reports:

A letter is being circulated among Labour MPs this afternoon calling for a secret ballot on Gordon Brown's leadership.

According to one MP who would like Brown to leave office, the letter is being coordinated by a number of rebels including the former cabinet ministers Charles Clarke, Patricia Hewitt and Geoff Hoon.

I still remain unconvinced that Brown will be toppled, but who knows...

Update: It's been nearly an hour and half since the news broke, this needs momentum if it is to be successful, so a cabinet resignation is surely a must. Not one yet, if there is to be one, it will probably be in the next hour.

Update 14:50. No resignations yet, but the silence from the Cabinet is revealing, no big hitters have yet come out and given their support to Brown. The longer this goes on, the more worrying it is for Brown. ITV News is speculating whether Harman is behind the plot. Could Brown call their bluff and go to the country?

Update 19:48. After a brief interlude down the pub I return to not much news so far. It appears Jack Straw has supported Brown as has Alan Johnson - both linked for quite some time to replacing Brown on a temporary basis for the election as leader, however other cabinet members have issued only lukewarm support including Darling and Mandelson.

Iain Dale is reporting that Mandelson is rumoured to be pulling out of a Newsnight interview this evening.

Curiouser and curiouser. Labour can't even conduct a coup properly and we're supposed to trust them to run the country?

It's still my view Brown will lead Labour into the next election - the Labour party lack the guts and ruthlessness to dispatch him.

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