Friday, 8 January 2010

EU Commission Demands Slovak Explanation Over Airport Security Test

The EU Commission is seeking an explanation from the Slovak authorities over the botched security test, where a man traveling to Dublin flew with explosives planted in his luggage.

An EU Commission spokesman said last night:
"We would like to know what happened,”
Er...I think that's pretty obvious, what happened is that airport security is not very good.

This though has occurred at the same time the EU is deciding whether to install full body scanners at European airports; an issue where the EU nations are divided between security and concerns regarding privacy.

Belgian's Secretary of State for Transport, Etienne Schouppe has described such enhanced measures as "excessive," saying security requirements at European airports are already; "strict enough."

In all this debacle at least the Slovak chief of border police, Tibor Mako has had the decency to resign.

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