Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My New Mobile Phone

Today I received a free mobile upgrade as part of my contract; a Nokia 5800. It's nothing special in mobile phone terms but it gave me a chance to mess about with a new gadget. Being a man, naturally I threw away the instruction manual, and preceded to press lots of buttons to see what they did.

The phone has a camera function which makes a rather annoying 'clicking' sound when a picture is taken. With my previous phones this could be turned off.

So there I am searching fruitlessly for the 'off' option and I discover that I can choose from one of four annoying sound options but there's no 'off'. Why? I retrieve the instruction manual from the bin but that's no help either.

A quick search on the internet shows that this is the result of privacy laws guessed it - the EU.

An unelected, unaccountable government has decided that I cannot be trusted with a product that I have purchased lest I stick it up a young girl's skirt and start taking pictures. I'm in effect being found guilty before I've actually done anything.

So basically within a day of receiving my phone I've had to download software to hack the phone in order to get my phone to do what I require.

1 comment:

  1. Some bureaucrat (or associate) somewhere has obviously been caught with their pants down.

    Might have to start getting their names down and doing a quick image search ;-)

    W/V = gonadi. Says it all.