Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Explosive Stuff

Since the failed Christmas bomb attempt on a plane bound for Detroit, the subject of airport security has been having one of its regular outings in the news.

While the the UK waits patiently for Brussels' permission to install full body scanners at its airports, the issue of security has been highlighted once again, this time in slightly more odd circumstances.

In what appears to have been a test run, Slovak authorities planted explosives in an unwitting man's luggage as part of an airport security exercise, to see if they would be spotted - which they weren't. That's reassuring!

The man then flew onto Dublin, with the explosives remaining undetected and went home. No-one discovered them until the Irish were informed three days later by Slovakian authorities!

Astonishing. Not only were they planted on an unsuspecting traveller - rather than using a goverment agent - but it took them 3 days to contact the Irish government.

Needless to say the Irish are not best pleased.

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