Sunday, 31 January 2010

Temper, Temper

There are some astonishing, and damaging allegations, in today's Mail on Sunday regarding Gordon Brown's temper:

Sensational claims that Gordon Brown has physically attacked his staff in a series of outbursts in Downing Street - and once in America - have rocked the Government.

Well-placed sources say the Prime Minister has been accused of hitting a senior adviser, pulling a secretary out of her chair and hurling foul-mouthed abuse at aides while distraught over an alleged snub by President Barack Obama.

Stories about Gordon Brown's temper and 'flying Nokias' have been well-known for years, but here the allegations are different; they suggest that Brown's temper is so bad that he physically assaults people - hauling a secretary out of her chair is extremely serious and it's difficult to imagine a worse revelation.

It's hard to dismiss these allegations out of hand as journalist Andrew Rawnsley has a very good track record and impeccable sources within Labour. Also interesting is, despite Downing Street denials, Sky News appears to have been got at and pulled the Mail from their paper reviews.

Partly Brown must be thankful that today's coverage is dominated by the revelations of a different kind regarding a certain sportsman, but should these gain traction over the next few days Brown is in deep trouble.

The motive is interesting; it's surely too late to replace Brown now, though he's clearly made a lot of enemies on the way up. I'm wondering if this is about the post-election leadership - damage Brown so much to maximise the potential for a devastating defeat, thus making sure Brown and Balls are out of the picture completely. Interestingly the Times today is reporting that Brown wants to remain as leader even if he loses the election.

Mandelson's love is for the Labour party, not for Brown.

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