Tuesday, 12 January 2010

General Election 6th May?

Labour's Europe minister Chris Bryant during a speech to diplomats regarding tensions between Britain and South American countries said:
"I hope that by the time of the general election on May 6, relations will have improved."
This only after a week when Brown also appeared to confirm the date:
The slip came when Marr asked him if there'd be a Labour Budget this Spring - a coded way of asking him to rule out an election before May. "Of course," came the reply, before the PM realised what he was being asked and so he hastily added "if it's the right time".
So May 6th it is... possibly.

hattip: Dizzy


  1. It will probably be May 6th for one simple reason, Labour are broke (more than broke almost bankrupt) they can't afford to fight the local elections as well as a general election seperately.

  2. I agree and it makes logical sense, but part of me thinks don't rule Brown out for an early election regardless of his party's finances.

    When it comes to dividing lines with the Tories, Brown has shown time and again that being broke has little relevance to him. If an early election would be beneficial he'll go for it.

    That said, if I were to put money on it now, then 6th May it would be.