Wednesday, 2 May 2012

All That's Wrong

Louise Mensch, aka another clueless Tory, has condemned "misogynistic" bullying by internet twitter trolls. And rushing to her defence is Donata Huggins from the Daily Telegragh who argues (my emphasis):
Agree or disagree with her, it is her job to appear on television and argue her case. It seems, however, that some people on Twitter do not agree. it isn't, Mrs Mensch's job is to hold the Government to account via Parliament, a 'job' she doesn't excel in.

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  1. Twitter and trolls did not exist in the days of Mrs. Thatcher but she certainly attracted a great deal of misogyny. Grandes Dames of the Left attacked not just her policies but her clothes, her hairstyle, her speech (so suburban - O my dear!) and her own left-inclined , europhile colleagues came up with "Ditch the bitch!" - a sentiment maintained by the spiteful old queen Heath all his dishonourable days.(Rejoice! Rejoice!)

    For all her many faults and mistakes, she was a better leader than any of them and never stooped to the preening posing of a Louise Mensch.