Thursday, 31 May 2012

"Greece Won't Leave The Euro?"

From the same chap who thought VAT was a Thatcher invention, we now have this
(hi Mum!) I'm going to stake what little credibility I have here: I don't think Greece will leave the euro. Not now and probably not ever.
I'm saying nufink...*

*Can I have a job writing for the Telegraph being paid to talk bollocks...?


  1. The DT seems to have a policy of ditching it's experienced and knowledgeable journalists (Heffer)and bringing in the yoof .... Knowles and recently a bint called Donata something or other.

    Both look and and write like new post-graduates, barely out of university and lacking any historical context to their 'opinion pieces.'

    When I've finished with the blogosphere and turn to the papers, RightMinds in the Mail is often now better than the scribblings of the yoof in the DT.

  2. The one thing (well, probably one of many) which is overlooked here is the role of an increasingly bumptious Turkey which is following a very "forward" diplomatic policy in the Balkans, holding itself out as the "motherland" of all Balkan Muslims.

    Whatever the trials of remaining in the euro, Greece will want to hold on to its EU membership as a counterbalance to Turkey which is also becoming pushy with regard to discoveries of oil and gas in coastal areas where there are disputes over territorial waters.

    There is also open discussion in the German press (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for one) about the need/justification for European military intervention in Greece, should it become a "failed state". Even the Eurosceptic British press seems to regard reporting of this topic as "verboten".

    See the German website ,
    for some sober, careful reporting on the matter.

  3. Wasn't aware the child Knowles had any credibility.

  4. Sebastian Weetabix1 June 2012 at 15:54

    What is he, 20 years old? I wouldn't trust him to sit the right way round on the lavatory. No doubt he's a graduate of that upper class version of media studies, PPE.

  5. @DeeDee99 In truth I just think that Mr Knowles is just fundamentally an idiot which has no relation to his age and certainly a condition that won't be solved by the process of him getting older.

    I do agree though that his appointment is a reflection of DT's direction - one has to wonder what Mr Knowles had to do to achieve his position and I think on reflection I may not like to know...

    @Edward Spalton Ta muchly for your informative comment and for the link, it's much appreciated.

    @Richard, Nor I, but then we can hardly expect Mr Knowles to be imbued with self-awareness now can we...?

    @Sebastian Weetabix He openingly boasted a couple of weeks back that he was 24 and re: PPE I suspect you're very right

  6. Have to say I usually skip past his posts having read some of his earlier posts. Every now and then he posts something so nonsensical that I have a read for a giggle.

    I am not normally one for blog-bashing but he seems completely out of place on the DT Blogs that I have to wonder who did what favour to get him that job.

  7. If Greece is planning not to leave the Euro Zone, then it is a brilliant idea, because if they depart from Euro Zone, they will encounter many economic problems.

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  8. Haha! He certainly looks like a mere apple cheeked boy, maybe give his some time I guess?