Saturday 5 May 2012

Cameron's Great Plan

According to the Telegraph, Cameron is planning a fightback after less than impressive local results. It's called a 'Battle Plan' we're assured:
The Prime Minister will produce a series of measures that he hopes will give “red meat” to Conservative backbenchers, who are calling for action to appeal to their core voters after poor local election results.
And the measures via the Queen's speech apparently include:
  1. Make firing underperforming employees easier in an attempt to free up the labour market and create jobs.

    (Already been announced 2011)
  2. Extend flexible working to anyone with a job, in an attempt to overcome Tory unpopularity among women, which analysts warn could be a serious threat at the next election.

    (Already been announced 2011)

  3. Clamp down on crime with a new “British FBI”, tougher anti-social behaviour measures and community sentences.

    (Already been announced 2010)
  4. Not include a Bill on HS2, which is hugely unpopular with backbenchers. Nor will it contain measures to allow private universities, which had risked a damaging rift with the Liberal Democrat.

    Hmm unpopular with backbenchers? Or try here instead.

  5. Avoid legislation to set a minimum level of foreign aid spending, a plan that has been derided by rebellious backbenchers.

    (We've been here before)
The man's a deceitful, incompetent and hopeless tosser.


  1. How about abandoning the Happiness index and replacing it with the one shown on election day ---
    The dissatisfaction/disillusionment/you're not worth a light index. It now stands as high as the number of voters who felt so involved in your politics that they stayed at home!

  2. Good one, Froggie. I don't think these measures will go far to appease his backbenchers, let alone any former Tory voters. We really are hurtling towards the bottom.

  3. @Xopher Good idea, I like it...

    @Goodnight Vienna, thanks. I agree, it seems a little desperate to say the least. And when we think we've reached the bottom - the goalposts move (sorry about the mixed metaphors)

  4. He's obviously didn't get a bit enough kicking on Thursday.

    Roll on the next opportunity - the EU Parliament elections in 2014, if the Kommissars don't cancel them for fear of the results.

  5. how can you possibly post that...

    The man's a deceitful, incompetent and hopeless tosser.

    When did the improvement start ? I missed it !

  6. Sadly I think there are rather a lot of 'disgruntled' tories who can be easily won over by tossing them a bone or two.

  7. Are their not enough real conservatives left the Tory Party to oust this interloper?

    ps. the captcha system discriminates against senior citizens!

  8. @DeeDee99 Indeed not, though not sure what kind of kicking would make him listen unless it's the one that results in him waking up in hospital

    @Morningstar Whoops sorry...I didn't mean to imply there was any improvement :-)

    @TT You're right, I agree.

    @Twig Blogger seems to have introduced that word thingie by default - I don't see it as I'm administrator when I comment.

    However I've now turned it off so hopefully there's no more discrimination against senior citizens anymore ;-)

  9. Generally speaking people on the right side of the political spectrum (eg conservatives) have very low expectations of politicians and what they can achieve.

    Conservatives didn't expect Cameron to cure social ills, reduce inquality or even necessarily create a booming economy from one unbalanced stuffed by the Labour years.

    But what I do think is fair to say is that conservatives had some expectation that a conservative leader would actually be in some way at least a little bit at some point... conservative.

    The fact that Cameron has disappointed voters with already low expectations is a real achievement. It really requires one to actively be anti-conservative.

  10. @MarkyMark Have to agree that surpassing badly already low expectations takes some doing - it almost borders on genius

  11. Cross-commented from Autonomous Mind:

    Ah, official time shifting. Ain't it loverly?
    Take credit for positive past initiatives.
    Blame present failure on past regimes.
    Pass the bills and costs to future administrations and generations.

    Who says perfection in our time is impossible?
    With deployment of tools like these, it's virtually inevitable! Isn't it?

  12. Your Bukovsky quote on the sidebar inspires a great suggestion for you and all EU bloggers:
    Consistently refer to the EU Commission as the EU Nomenklatura.

    Creation of and membership in which is the de facto goal of all Commission members and 'crats. N'est-ce pas?