Thursday, 24 May 2012


Aware as I am that my patience levels are less than normal at the moment, as I'm still currently still trying to move house and also to find a new job (what is it with house moving that brings out the tosser in people?)

I've tended to pull my punches on this blog where UKIP's failings are concerned, largely out of respect for the copious numbers of members who spend a lot of money and time fighting for a cause they rightly feel passionately about. But the above headline merely tempts me to comment that allowing my membership to elapse in recent months may not have been such a bad thing after all. What on earth does such an offer achieve? Not only is a referendum tactical suicide, but the Tories can never be trusted on any question on Europe and why attach yourself - limpet style - to a party that is destined to lose the next election anyway?

Thus it appears despite a lot of chatter not much has changed, and certainly for the foreseeable future UKIP ain't going to do much changing.

So I've amused myself by uploading BBC's Robert Peston's 'Great Euro Crash' video aired last week, which can be viewed in the side bar, before the BBC whisk it away never to be seen again. In the meantime I take comfort in the words of Mr Bennet;
"...don’t despair, it’ll pass; and no doubt more quickly than it should.


  1. Hello :)

    It may come as no surprise that, as such a close neighbour in the blogosphere, I absolutely share the sentiments that you're only hinting at here.

    Another of our blogging neighbours, our dear Mr Witterings From Witney, appears to be characteristically letting them have it with both barrels on this one. As you'd expect from the fabulous WfW, of course! ;)

    Fare ye well and speak soon.


  2. Ah cheers TTC, thanks.

    I've just seen Mr WfW's broadside this morning - never a chap to mince his words is WfW

  3. Me outspoken? Surely not.

    I can see the point in not standing against the likes of Philip Davies or Philip Hollobone but as for the vast majority of supposed eurosceptics (eg, the pretty patel) I do not trust them one inch!

    Of course, this is not the first time Farage has floated this idea - as RN writes, it seems to appear about six monthly!

  4. @TTC: You are most kind with your adjectival use......... :)

  5. @WfW Just seen RN's piece this morning on my tour of the blogs. Just realised that the screen grab above is actually from 2011 that RN links to. I'd actually nicked it from his son Pete on Facebook but was too tired to spot the date.

    Agree with your points, Tory blogs have got themselves in a bit of lather about it - blethering on about the UKIP strategy. Mr Farage may be good at some things but strategy I would venture is not one of them.

    It reminds of Mike Smithson of PoliticalBetting thinking that having no UKIP local election candidates in Witney was some sort cunning plan or pact with Cameron. We both know that the reasons were somewhat very different.