Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Great Pasty Man

Reminiscent of the villain StayPuft who bumbles about destroying stuff ad hoc in the film Ghostbusters:

...is Ken Clarke - the Great Pasty Man...

Ken Clarke (the archetypical old Tory) decides... that a referendum is not only "silly" but that the interest of our membership of the EU is only the view of:
a few extreme nationalist politicians
This, of course, is not the view of an outsider but a cabinet member who was invited into Cameron's front bench team in 2009, and still the disillusioned voted for them in 2010. "Know a man by his friends" and then some...

And today Osborne has apparently retreated on the VAT on pasties and static homes. Naturally he has done no such thing as Bloggers4 UKIP point's out:
The pasty tax was to add 20% VAT to hot pastry products such as pasties and sausage rolls and the caravan tax was to apply 20% VAT to static caravans.  The "climb down" will see 20% VAT applied to pasties if they're served out of the oven and 5% VAT added to static caravans. Less than two months ago there was no pasty tax and no caravan tax, now we're going to have a pasty tax and caravan tax and this is being called a u-turn. 
What a surprise that the great retreat is a fudge. Yet in difficult times Ken Clarke says:
....the Coalition like all other western European governments would struggle to be re-elected if a vote was taken now. 
Perhaps he should note that the coalition wasn't elected in the first place - 2010 was a hung parliament, there's certainly no mandate for the current Government. But hey let's just bumble about, destroying stuff,  taking no notice of the electorate and carry on regardless.

The villainous Staypuft indeed - who still wants us to join the Euro - albeit fed with copious pasties.

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