Monday, 14 May 2012

That Cameron Project

Above is a clip from the BBC Programme; This Week, which was broadcast last week. The discussion relates to the disgusting grooming case regarding vulnerable young girls in Rochdale which has been widely acknowledged as having a racist motive:

Tory MP Louise Mensch, who takes part in the discussion is a fully paid-up member of the Cameron project, so it is with some amusement to see her discomfort in the clip above (watch her stroppy crossed-arms stance half way through - or even Alan Johnson's discomfort as Louise speaks) as she tries to hold the 'Tory political correct' argument line in the face of the onslaught by Will Self, Alan Johnson and Charles Kennedy.

Clearly Cameron and "Louise (I'm looking forward to climbing the greasy pole) Mensch" have got themselves on the wrong side of public opinion regarding crime and immigration as I noted here. But not that stops Cameron et al....they're far more worried about what the Guardian says than anyone else.

Still, the sight of a Tory being attacked from the right by essentially Labour figures is rather surreal, to say the least.


  1. Political 'strictly come X factor' nothing more.

    And as for Guardian readers...

  2. @William But "strictly come X factor" doesn't affect our lives financially in quite the same way...

  3. Thanks for posting this and your comments.

    There was a similar rant against white sex tourism as a smoke screen for this problem with Pakistani and Afghan muslim men on 'Any Questions' last Friday night (Radio 4) by Vince St Cable. No comment from Kennedy though, but then its probably the sheep in his constituency that are troubled, and they aren't talking.

  4. @Robert, Thanks for your kind comment

  5. She was really defensive there, good to see her squirm!

  6. @themanwithmanychins Agree...and for a supposedly professional politician she came across as rather childish - if she had a ball she would have taken it home