Wednesday, 23 May 2012

EU Employment Law

Snuck into PMQs today is Cameron briefly mentioning "EU regulations" regarding employment law (along with the misuse of the term 'less' instead of 'fewer') about 2mins in:

Unsurprisingly though the rest of PMQ's between Cameron and Milliband is a fake dust up over laws they no longer have control over.

Still at least the whole charade keeps some (paid) people happy.


  1. Does Clarke look as though he is on another planet?
    I know in reality he is but in that pic...

    Bad actors playing irrelevant bit parts in a building that once housed the mother of all Parliaments that has now become the end of the pier show.

  2. Cameron said that measures should be taken to run a successful single currency. I conclude that he thinks this is possible and therefore presume that he intends to join it in the future.

  3. @William I'm surprised Clarke isn't asleep - he normally is.

    @Anon He's only ruled it out for this Parliament so it's a possibility. Though personally I don't think him, or any other PM, would get away with it - a step too obvious and too far