Monday 7 May 2012

Douglas "Judas Goat" Carswell

Carswell writes on his blog
One of the reasons I backed David Cameron to be party leader early on in his leadership campaign was because I wanted to see a different kind of Conservatism. I still do – and I’d vote for him to deliver it if there was a leadership contest tomorrow.
Even though Cameron is not:
...a secret patriot waiting for the chance to rip off his expensive tailoring and reveal his inner Thatcher. He is exactly what he looks like, an unprincipled chancer with limited skills in public relations".


  1. Turncoat Carswell. Promised a job, you bet!

  2. Like Redwood, Carswell cannot admit that his original judgement re. Cameron was wrong. He keeps blaming 'mandarins' instead of his own leader and his gang. If they do not soon realise that Cameron needs to be replaced by somebody with a backbone and real conservative principles, the party will be decimated.

  3. Boris will be the next Tory leadership. At some point a critical mass of Tory MPs will go against Cameron. Not sure when, but the next leader after Cameron will be Boris.

  4. Carswell actually said that? Flabbergasted.