Tuesday 22 May 2012

In A Pickle

In further evidence that Cameron, (and the Telegraph) would rather get themselves in an (Eric) Pickle than admit who really runs our country is the farce over the Beecroft report on employment reform. This is (another) EU occupied field which means such reforms were always nonsense as Richard North demonstrates:
In its usual self-important way, the Failygraph ponderously announces that "a document leaked to The Daily Telegraph shows that three proposals in the controversial Beecroft report were removed after being submitted to No10 before it was sent to the Business Department". 

Well, in this exclusive report we can reveal that the europa.eu website has not leaked to EUReferendum.com the contents of Council Directive 2010/18/EU (above). Despite this, we can now reveal from looking at the website that it was approved in principle by the Council on 2 December 2009 (top) - Mr Brown's administration, I believe.

We can also exclusively reveal that we have looked at lots and lots of websites and, from documents seen by EUReferendum.com on those websites, we can reveal that employment law is an EU competence. Furthermore, we can reveal that, with this directive, parental leave (which includes provisions for flexible working) becomes an occupied field. 
Richard's sarcasm on the oxymoron that are the words 'Telegraph' and 'learned' in the same sentence is wonderful. Revealing it is too that the both Cameron and the Telegraph would rather look ridiculous and take the hit than admit the truth.

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