Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Handy Stick?

Will Self is the living embodiment of a pompous arrogant elite and darling of the BBC, who thinks that using lots of big words makes him an intellectual above us mortals:
...the European Union represented one of the few examples in human history of the political classes of several nations acting selflessly and sensibly.

For myself, I had always been an enthusiastic pro-European and an unashamed believer in a federal European state. Like many English people of my tastes and proclivities, I rather fancied myself propping up zinc bars, sipping pastis and listening to the musical chink-clank of petanque.
I viewed an increasingly united Europe as a necessary counterweight to US world hegemony and Russian idiocy, while also being a handy cosmopolitan stick with which to beat the backs of uptight Little Englanders.

But times and opinions change: the continent's sixty year double-thinking reverie has turned the European dream into something of a nightmare: the quadriga's remaining obstinately faced to the East has resulted in an unfeasible extension of the EU in that direction also, while the attempt to reconcile national sovereignty with a single European economy has resulted in a bloated bureaucracy full of the wind of its own democratic deficit.

But times and opinions change? In other words, not that Mr Self will ever admit to it, he got it spectacularly wrong.


  1. I saw this on the BBC and I decided to ignore why, why not do the same?!

  2. Hear friggin hear. The pompous turd, like all the rest of them, got it wrong big time.

  3. Well said TBF. When Self says 'times change' he is referring to the period during which everything came to pass which had been foretold by the people he and other educated fools denounced as idiots and xenophobes.

  4. @anon1 For two reasons,

    a) if we ignore, then his comments will always go unchallenged - I don't think that's healthy particularly as the same patterns emerge time and time again say for example climate change.

    b) I've spent considerable amounts of my own money and time fighting what at times has been a lonely battle - facing continuous insults - so occasionally I like to indulge in a little schadenfreude.

    @anon2 Thanks, unfortunately they won't be paying the price

    @TT Indeed, rather than admit his wrong it's spun as 'times have changed' Cleggy boy is engaged in a similar deception this morning.