Tuesday, 1 May 2012


It maybe me but I'm not reading this website in quite the way they intended.


  1. Maybe they wouldn't dare call themselves that if they were situated in the South rather than the North.

  2. Funny thing, that, the way we see it.

  3. @James Higham Indeed...I wonder if I can order a certain request :-)

  4. TBF The following email has, I promise, been sent to Europest:

    "First, please disregard the email address from whence this request has originated - it is well known that as an MP I pay for nothing myself and am using one of our peasant's computers, email address and internet connection. My email address, to which you should respond, is: BERCOWJ (at) parliament (dot) uk - you will note that to emphasize my importance as Speaker my name is capitalized.


    Help, we are infested with rats, 650 of them including me, and our electorate are demanding immediate removal coupled with a permanent resolution to the problem of infestation.

    Look forward to an early response,

    John Bercow,
    Speaker, House of Commons"

  5. @WfW Lol I really hope you've sent that... please update on any response you get