Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Big Fat EU Government

A spluttering Eric Pickles who struggles to give straight answers on red tape and growth:

hattip: Calling England


  1. They will never admit that they no longer govern the country, they merely administer on behalf of the EU.

    But its getting easier and easier to see through their lies.

  2. First glance I thought it was Kissinger.

  3. This is uncomfortable viewing for me. Almost to a man, I despise all politicians but Pickles is an exception for me.

    I lived in his constituency for a number of years (until the boundary changes forced me elsewhere) and he is a good man who did a great deal of good work on behalf of his constituents (including many hours working with me to save our village school from closure - much of this time spent outside normal working hours at my house).

    He is a straight talking northerner whose PR skills are zero (which surely can only be a good thing), hence the nature of the interview.

    He has made good progress in cutting waste and regulations in his own department and I also know what his personal views are on the EU system. Unfortunately, in common with most good men in politics, he is controlled by the party machinery. He can either ignore that and plough a lonely furrow, continuing to help his constituents but being unable to effect real change (i.e. Dennis Skinner) or he can suck it up and try to do what he can on the inside.

    It's the whole political system that's wrong and needs to be thrown out along with its adherents.