Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Speed Cameras

Even though the trigger point was always reduced to catch more motorists;
“When you put a camera in, the number of speeders always reduces. Suddenly there’s no money coming in, so they drop the trigger speed from 38mph to 35mph to pay the bills,” says Reynolds. “What good did that do but alienate the public?”
And as soon as the Newbury by-pass opened, the speed limit was dropped from 40 down to 30mph on the incoming A4 - consistently used by commuter traffic - with very little notice. The Police knew they would catch lots of motorists one Monday morning because at the time, they choose a pub (pictured below) along the A4 for their speed trap, a pub which was noted for having a very large car park - so conveniently there was plenty of room to pull over copious motorists going to work early on a Monday morning:

...and Swindon is an experiment in proving they don't' work:
A Wiltshire town that decided to get rid of its speed cameras has the safest roads in Britain, a report has revealed.
...we now have this...

Still, it's about road safety don't cha you know?

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