Monday, 7 May 2012


Economic problems + Mass Immigration + Removal of people's democracy = A move to extremist parties:
A neo-Nazi party who advocate forcing immigrants into work camps and planting landmines along the border are today savouring unprecedented political success in Greece.

Golden Dawn party will enter parliament with 7 per cent of the vote after the electorate shunned the main parties who they blame for plunging the nation into austerity.

The obscure extreme-right group are one of the biggest winners in a poll which has plunged Greece into a fresh political crisis.
As UKK41 says it's depressing. It's also inevitable:
Asked if he worries about that prospect, Thomas Nikolaou, an unemployed mathematics professor, who until now backed Pasok, said: 
“This trick didn’t work now and it won’t work in the future. I voted for (the extreme right) Golden Dawn (party). I lost my job, I can’t feed my family and I have nothing else to lose. The only power I have is my vote and I will give it again to those who say no to this madness. 
“All I can think of is revenge against the politicians who destroyed my life and millions of others.”
So it's with deep irony that by trying to eliminate the nation state and democracy the EU will encourage precisely the very situtation it wanted to prevent.


  1. Thanks for the mention BF.

    I could just weep for the Greek people who are going to suffer the division and hardship of the future.

    The Brussels elite will keep taking the money though - I just don't know how the people of Europe can not see what i going on.

  2. No problem BJ. Sadly this is only the start - I highlighted this back in Sept:

    "We would like to see the politicians executed," says Maria, not smiling as she delivers the joke. "Most people are saying this: politicians deserve capital punishment – at the Greek equivalent of Traitors' Gate"

  3. It isn't really irony, as such. In the same that an infection in the human body causes pus and ichor to weep from a wound and spread inflammation, so the potentially fatal penetration of nations by socialist schemes like the EU causes the natural biological reaction. Remove one and the other will heal rapidly.