Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Above is a screen print of latest Telegraph article regarding European Human Rights judges:
European human rights judges have blocked more than 900 attempts by Britain to deport foreign criminals and terror suspects in recent years. 

Official figures show that the European Court of Human Rights has thwarted more planned deportations by Britain than any other country.

The controversial “Rule 39” procedure was recently used by judges in Strasbourg to prevent Abu Qatada, the extremist cleric, being sent back to Jordan in case evidence obtained under torture was used against him.

It has also been used by Somali criminals and failed Tamil asylum seekers to remain in the country.  The new figures disclosed in Parliament have renewed calls for the Government to pull out of the court and so ensure that British court rulings are upheld.
It would help the Telegraph's case though, or indeed its diminishing credibility, if they showed the right building as the picture. The one in the picture above is the Strasbourg-based EU parliament - the tag underneath incorrectly says it's the "European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg". However the ECHR is not a part of the EU and the building, instead, looks something like this:

Which ironically is the icon at the top of the report the Telegraph links to (just to give them a clue). No wonder the MSM support membership of the EU when they can't get the basics right...

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  1. You're right, but does it matter?

    Richard North is always criticising the MSM for getting minute technical details of the various EU institutions wrong - "Idiots, that's not the European Council, it's the Council of Europe, how can you be so stupid" etc etc.

    He's right too, and again it doesn't matter.

    ALL of these institutions are (1) Foreign (2) Unaccountable (3) Unelected (4) Unremovable (5) Opposed to our rule of law, our civil and legal traditions, and everything we stand for. They all dance to same tune and won't stop until they're in charge of every last little thing in our country, all of which will be done their way.

    "The EU" has become a generic term for all these meddling pests.

    Whether they're technically part of the EU's apparatus or not, it's time we told them all, every last one, to take the sex and travel option.