Monday, 19 November 2012

A warning?

(Reuters) - Opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband vowed on Monday he would not let Britain sleepwalk towards exit from the European Union as Prime Minister David Cameron prepared for tough talks in Brussels this week on a renewal of the bloc's budget.
Given that the vast majority of the British people are against our continued membership, who is Ed Miliband warning? Why is exit a problem? What is wrong with sleepwalking into a better situation? Why are EU budget talks tough? (Just simply say no)

Then comes the contradiction:
"Increasingly we see euroscepticism on the rise among the British public - we see cabinet ministers in this government openly calling for Britain to leave," Miliband said.

"For those of us like me, who care passionately about our place in European Union, we cannot remain silent. I will not let Britain sleepwalk towards exit from the European Union."
Increasingly Euroscepticism is on the rise according to Miliband, but his response is to ignore it and argue for continued membership. In other words - sod off. Their contempt is plain sight.

We need the Harrogate Agenda


  1. this the sort of stuff we have to be documenting with analysis and holdin a central database such as a website for people to be able to retrieve as example after example of the contempt the political class have for us...well highlighted

  2. Is Ed talking about the size of his cock in that picture TBF?

    I only ask because I remember the phoney pharaoh, stating that it wasn't about the size of one's cock, it was about the size of one's balls...

    ...And this bloke has obviously got a massive pair, so brazen is he.

  3. I agree and thanks. There are so many though, it'll have to be a large database ;-)

    @Right_writes Is he Buster Gonard in disguise?

  4. I dont think we should sleepwalk towards exit from the EU either. Its not a good idea.

    No a good idea would be to head towards it in an F1 car with the throttle wide open.

  5. @Jim, Absolutely, but we'll need ear defenders - F1 cars are loud! ;-)