Saturday, 24 November 2012

Where Everyone Matters?

Apparently not if you happened to vote UKIP (nice colour scheme btw). Labour run Rotherham Borough Council has decided to have had three foster children removed from a couple's care because they belong to the UKIP:
Rotherham Borough Council said the children were "not indigenous white British" and that it had concerns about UKIP's stance on immigration.

It said it had to consider the "needs of the children longer term".

The unnamed couple told the Daily Telegraph social workers had accused them of belonging to a "racist party".
Rather than base the decision on the welfare of the children, whose foster parents are 'exemplary' and have been approved foster parents for seven years, the decision is clearly politicly motivated. If you vote for a party Rotherham Council don't agree with, you can't foster.

However Rotherham Borough Council's Strategic Director of Children and Young People's Services, Joyce Thacker is unrepentant. You can see part of her interview here on the BBC site. I saw this live and what she also said, which is missing from the clip, is that they are not allowed to ask about political leanings of prospective foster parents. Which means by logical conclusion that it should have no influence in the decision making, yet that is precisely what has now happened.

And it is with some irony that the foster couple in question are ex-Labour supporters.


  1. I smell common purpose at work

  2. I wonder, did this Joyce Thacker alone make the decision regarding these children? And who are the social(ist) workers who did this foul deed; what are their names. If they were normal people, they could have refused to carry out the orders of their social(ist) worker bosses. But as others have said elsewhere, the righteous actually believe that what they are doing is the right thing to do.
    Are there any normal people still living in Rotheram, and what are they doing about this matter?

  3. @JiC Well the UKIP carers were normal ;-)

    In answer to your comment, you're right...they believe this is perfectly normal despite the fact that they themselves have ended up with a policy that is racist - i.e. Ukip can only adopt/foster white children.

    There's an urgent inquiry by the Council apparently - which means they'll try to pretend it never happened asap but the same mentality will remain. So it will happen again.

  4. TBF, you're correct, the foster parents are normal. It appears that the Council has been infiltrated with Marxists and their Fabian vileness. Guido Fawkes is suggesting that Ms Thacker is a Common Purpose graduate. So, the plot thickens; or is it that the plot unravels, once the players are revealed for who and what they are. And without getting personal, why do these women always look the same; eg. Ms Thacker, Cressida Dick, Sue Ackers, Julia Middleton? The feminisation of Englishmen continues apace while the women appear more like men. Is it something in the water, I wonder.

  5. @JiC Well, water (in its environmental provisions) is an EU competence... :-)