Saturday, 10 November 2012

Forgotten Victims...Again

On one level it's tempting to indulge in yet more schadenfreude as the BBC gets itself into a right pickle over its latest Newsnight allegations, as the fallout from the Savile scandal continues. But it's gone past that. Given that News of the World was closed on the back of hacking Hugh Grant's voicemail one wonders how much more serious it has to get before it's decided that the BBC is not fit for purpose?

When Labour MP Tom Watson raised his question at PMQs over concerns (rightly) that there has been a cover up on a previous abuse scandal, he must have known (probably deliberately) that it would over-excite many of a certain political persuasion. And so it's proved. What has followed has been ill-disguised form of gleeful Tory bashing - desperate to label the Tories as the party of paedophiles - including the likes of the Speaker's wife Sally Bercow and Guardian journalist George Monbiot. Amid all the mea culpa, undoubtedly some will be basking in the warm glow of 'mud sticks'.

Amidst all this are the victims, many who have remained quiet for years for fears of not being believed. They deserve due process and (hopefully) justice or at the very least their voices to be heard. Instead the serious nature of the offences is reduced to the level of tittle tattle on a television programme where basic 'research' involves plucking random names off the internet with which to ask the country's PM (Although one has to ask what the First Lord of the Treasury was doing on such a programme anyway).

Those of certain political leanings often put their hatred of the Tories over and above the welfare of others, or indeed the country, so it shouldn't be a surprise, but it's still pretty nauseating stuff.

Update: Looks like Tom Watson has pulled his site.


  1. Tom Watson's a self-absorbed pug-faced cunt, I've never liked him, especially after the expenses scandal and all that chip-on-the-shoulder raging at Gove because he's never made anything of himself.

  2. @ Anon Would agree that Tom Watson's latest campaign is necessary if true but is not one with altruistic or non-political agendas.