Sunday, 4 November 2012

Euro Nutters

The Mail on Sunday has a piece outlining the "political guerrilla warfare tactics" used over Cameron's defeat on the EU budget last week:
A rebel Tory MP had secret talks with Ed Balls as part of the plot to defeat David Cameron in Wednesday's shock Commons vote on the EU budget crisis.

Harwich MP Douglas Carswell discussed the rebellion with a member of Shadow Chancellor Mr Balls's entourage to make sure the rebel Tory-Labour ambush was carried out with deadly effect.
Not much there comes as a massive surprise, but at the end of the article is this quote from a Labour MP:
'The warm glow of defeating Cameron won't last long.

'To see us trashing everything we have ever said and done on Europe for a few good headlines was not edifying.

'Walking through the voting lobbies with a bunch of wild-eyed Tory Euro nutters was a repulsive experience.

'It would never have happened in Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson's day – and I won't be doing it again.'
This on a vote by Parliament of how much more (or less) of our money should go to the EU. When reading the above quote note the words missing; "taxpayer", "constituents"...

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