Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Cameron Deception

Following on from the 'Ukip is hated' by Rotherham Council business I spot this from the Telegraph (my emphasis throughout):
The row took a further twist when No 10 was asked about statements David Cameron made during a radio interview in 2006, in which he described Ukip's members as "fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists, mostly". Downing Street said the Prime Minister had not intended people to understand that he thought all Ukip members were racists.
Notice he doesn't actually backtrack on his original comments. Initially he used the word 'mostly' now he says;
 "...had not intended people to understand that he thought all..."
So his original comment still stands as far as he is concerned, but now with the false appearance of a mea culpa

Update: Via Ironies Too, Channel four news presenter, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, via Twitter documents the "utter confusion" of Cameron's position yesterday - a retraction of a retraction.I thought Cameron was supposed to specialise in PR?


  1. UKIP is not anti European.
    It's anti EU.
    Two different things.

  2. @Twig, yes indeed, a difference between an appreciation of geography and politics ;-)

  3. At the time I took the Conservatives seriously and thought that Cameron was very unwise in referring to UKIP so. It prompted my interest in UKIP. Suddenly ConHome was filled with interest about UKIP

    It was an arrogant dismissal of a set of his natural supporters with more readyto join them. He would have done far better to have said nothing about UKIP.

    That was about the time he was lecturing people on half filling kettles and went off to hug the glacier.

    Whatever happened to his riding to work by bike, (with a limo following) and the windmill on his roof?

    Everything about him is utterly bogus and about saying things without saying anything,