Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember Remember

It's that time of year (which pet owners hate) when we celebrate the failure of the gunpowder plot and the success of Parliament's supremacy, ironic given that it has outsourced most of its power abroad.

No doubt also will be copious references to the film V for Vendetta. In truth I've never really rated this film, it had a couple of good points to make but overall it had a poor script, was rather boring and made a lot of rather simplistic political points. The ending (see below) is a case in point:

What I see here is a large group of people in uniform (albeit in black capes and Guido Fawkes masks) attacking with impunity another group of people in uniform. The outcome is, and will be, precisely the same. Power held by a people with no control or accountability. What does that achieve? Another tyranny? Another dictatorship? We've been here before.


  1. In truth I've never really rated this film...

    Likewise, and that's the real disservice to the story because Alan Moore's comic book is fucking great!

  2. In truth I've never read of those things I keep meaning to and never quite seem to manage it.