Thursday, 29 November 2012

"You're Stealing Our Votes!"

Dan Hannan is not quite silly enough to actually say it (yet), but the tone of his blog pieces certainly alludes strongly to the above Tory sentiment. However one of the comments underneath has him bang to rights (borrowed from Richard North's forum):
I am a member of UKIP as are quite a few of my old friends from Labour Party days of yore. Funnily enough the only parties that I have ever voted for are Labour, CPGB and UKIP. So much for the notion that UKIP are a party of the right...

People like you are really little more than the dogs who have been given leave to yap a little louder than the rest. All the employers' organisations, as well as the Tory party as a whole, are in favour of the EU. The Tories under Heath took us in, under Thatcher and Major they then marched us down the federal road towards greater political unity. The only party that had withdrawal from the EU in its manifesto was Labour in 1983 and 1987. (Would you care to remind people how you voted in those elections, Dan?)

I joined UKIP because Labour has now been taken over not by the left or the right but by a section of the middle class. It no longer even pretends to represent the urban working class. That said, the Tories are just nasty, so if push came to shove, I would still prefer Labour to them.

Then along you come and tell me that UKIP, my new home, may keep the Nasty Party out of office at the next election... Be still my beating heart...
Quite! After all the couple at the centre of the Rotherham foster parent scandal are ex-Labour. Yet Tory arrogance continues unabated.


  1. They like to try to find reasons why they are losing votes, and its much easier to blame UKIP for stealing them, than it is to admit the truth. That is they are a bunch of hypocritical lying gits who say one thing and do the opposite, are interested only in themselves, and what is good for their future career.

    no the blame ukip line is so much better sounding than the truth.

    They sound to me like a really bad football team, who rather than admit they are crap and do something about it, try to get the other team to not turn up so they win their matches by default instead of skill.

  2. @Jim, Yes indeed, like an alcoholic the biggest battle is to admit first the problem.

    The Tories haven't even got past that yet...they're going to have to face rock bottom first (ie no party) before they realise it's all gone wrong for them.