Sunday, 11 November 2012

Stealing 'Our' Votes?

One thing you encounter pretty quickly as a UKIP candidate, either in local or national elections, are arrogant accusations from the Tory party that "we're stealing their votes" or letting pro-EU candidates in like Lib Dems or Labour.

Both accusations are obviously completely false. There are no such things as 'Tory votes' which get stolen; they are votes which belong to the electorate - you earn them or else. It reminds me of this quip by American Republican Scott Brown - 'it's the people's seat, not Ted Kennedy's seat'

That somehow the Tories are any different to Labour or the Lib Dems when it comes to the EU is an argument that has been well rehearsed on here many times.

Yet still the same excuses keep on coming in defeat:
A LEADING Conservative councillor has accused the UK Independence Party (UKIP) of costing his party victory in a by-election.

Leader of the Royal Borough, Cllr David Burbage, made the remarks following a narrow win for Liberal Democrat Cllr Simon Werner in the Pinkneys Green by-election held on Thursday last week.

Cllr Werner beat Conservative candidate Catherine Hollingsworth to the seat by eight votes- 839 to 831 - with UKIP candidate George Chamberlaine finishing third with 152 votes.

Cllr Burbage said: "It is unfortunate that, largely thanks to UKIP, the residents of Pinkneys Green have missed out from electing a very effective councillor in Catherine Hollingsworth. The last thing that people who voted UKIP would have wanted would be a boost to the pro-EU Lib Dems."

UKIP Cllr Tom Bursnall said: "We have made it very clear we wanted to have a strong alliance locally. This has not happened so they shouldn't be surprised if UKIP stands as its own party locally. A partnership might have led to something like this not happening."
This is not a unique experience to UKIP, just symptomatic of an arrogant disdain for us as a whole. Even as power drains continuously away from the Tories, it's a case of "we deserve to govern", fingers in ears and "la la la we can't hear you"

Their priorities lie elsewhere.

hattip: Bloggers4Ukip


  1. The candidates and the electorate got what they deserve and need to recognise that. Once the electorate wake up and the Conservatives revert to what they pretend to be, then there would be no need for UKIP. But until that happens, I hope UKIP continue to fight elections in the manner you describe.

  2. In truth I have no confidence in any party to deliver. I think the electorate by and large have worked out something is fundamentally wrong, but are not yet fully aware of their own power to put it right.

    Rapidly declining turnouts show a deep unhappiness, we need to fill the void before something else does