Sunday, 4 November 2012


On many levels I don't care, but amid all the obvious innuendo - most of the papers are clearly trying to tell us something whilst trying to remain within the boundaries of libel law - what the latest 'revelations', if we can call them that, confirm is the complete lack of judgement by Cameron. And also how shallow and debased our Parliament and politics has become.

One does query the timing though...a sense of trying to change narrative amid what would be far more damaging revelations about the Tory party?


  1. TBF, aside from the obvious question of whether Mr Cameron has had some sort of liaison with Ms Brooks, do you think he's actually a Christian, or as with Mr Clegg is he an atheist. If so, are our elite public schools preaching atheism?

  2. To be honest JiC religion leaves me a little bit cold so I don't really know...I can see your point though the whole relentless parlava over gay marriage seems to have a hidden agenda...

    Given the other more pressing issues our country faces one does wonder what Cameron's agenda is behind some of his proposals.

    It's probably best a question asked of Cranmer...