Thursday, 15 November 2012

Complete Contempt

Following my previous post, something I was unaware of until today was that the PCC election is being held using the Alternative Vote. The same system that was comprehensively rejected by the voters. They're laughing at us and can't even be bothered anymore to hide it.

Still, at least we can take some small amusement from the comment below from Tim Montgomerie on Facebook who is "In the eyes of most MPs, Montgomerie ... now one of the most influential Tories outside the cabinet."
Just voted for Angus Macpherson as Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire. Voted UKIP as 2nd preference.


  1. I voted for John Short, UKIP for Wilts, he is a good guy but I suspect he will not get sufficient votes to get elected.

    The local polling station was deserted at 7.15am this morning, which is unusual for any kind of election.

  2. I was really nice, I voted for every candidate as both my first and second choice.

    but Yes TBF, I was very insulted that this election was done under a type of AV. How they can hold the will of the people in so much contempt, after an AV referendum (in which i spoiled, but never the less the general opinion was NO) is beyond me

  3. @themanwithmanychins I can well believe it, I've just taken Mrs TBF to vote (16:30), she was the first for over an hour. usually have to queue after work for local elections and certainty for GE's.

    (I still didn't vote)

    @Jim Nice one...can't believe the deposit required is £5000, 10 times a GE one. Good to see they're trying to encourage 'normal people' to stand in an attempt to make a difference to their community...

  4. That is one of the primary reasons I voted and spoiled.

    See by increasing the turnout, i automatically lower the percentage of votes to each candidate, making it more likely that the losers will also lose the deposit. Hell if it carries on at this rate, where voting is so few except for spoilers, then even a winner may lose theirs.

  5. @Jim I like your thinking, though given the winner is likely to earn around £75,000 p.a (depending on size of force) I doubt they would be too worried.

    One of the anomalies of spoiled ballots (or ones not marked correctly) is as a candidate you have to make your views known to the returning officer of 'clear intention' or not regarding the paper in question. Basically agree whether the mark on the paper stands as a genuine vote or not.

    Unfortunately the clear intention of 'sod off' is not officially recorded and is ignored generally.

  6. They are counted as votes, so if you are in office and you also lost your deposit when being elected then its hardly a worthy way to start is it. Also most spoilers go in with the intention to spoil, so there usually is little doubt that it was spoiled on purpose, but the vote counts as a turn out.

    if spoiled wins then second place take the position, but if we imagine a town of 100 voters. and candidate "a" wins with 4% of all votes cast, it sort of acts as a wake up call

  7. I went to vote at about 4.30pm; there were 54 votes, including mine - since the polling station opened this morning. Most of the people I have spoken to are not voting. My fear is that the likes of lardarse prescott will be voted in and the police, already politicised, will become the pet enforcement force for the local political party. I voted UKIP and didn't use my second tranferrable vote, so that none of the three main parties would benefit. I don't want the police politicised, but that's already happened, so not voting I think is by default allowing the post to be filled by one of the three main political parties who have probably sent people out to vote; most especially the labour party. A depressing day altogether.

  8. @JiC "My fear is that the likes of lardarse prescott will be voted in and the police, already politicised, will become the pet enforcement force for the local political party"

    Absolutely...everyone I know have the same concerns. Some choose to vote to try to negate the consequences, some like myself didn't. Myself and Mrs TBF have had this argument as well:-)

    A depressing day indeed.

    As for 'lardarse' Prescott I agree, I made my feelings clear here on Amazon about him...

    If he becomes a PCC then God help us.

  9. TBF, I've just read your review of lardarse's bookywook. To be honest, you were too kind to him; it makes him out to be lightweight but human, which is antithetical to everything that he is and was during the dreadul 13 years of labour destruction. Hitting voters is just a low grade manifestation of what I believe him to be.