Tuesday, 20 November 2012

George Orwell Would Be Proud

EU budget increase can be a 'tool of economic recovery'
This needs no further input from me.


  1. Did I say an F1 car? sorry my mistake, I meant to say a Saturn Mark V.

  2. We certainly can have some fun lighting the fuse, with him atop... :-)

  3. Seems the reason they closed all the asylums was to fill Brussels and Strasbourg with the 'right people'.

  4. The TRULY terrifying thing is that wrapped in their hegemonious bubble they TRULY BELIEVE it!!!!!

    until Harrogate is implemented we will suffer more of this nonsense and in a way it actually plays into our hands long term as more people become aware of the uter contempt they have for us little people

  5. offering a purely bean-counting vision of what constitutes a 'fair return' is unseemly and incomprehensible to the European citizen

    Cos we is all fick, innit. How marvellously considerate not to want to embarrass us by explaining precisely why we should pay more for less.

    Go ahead, embarrass me with a bean-count, I demand it !!!

  6. @bingobax@gmail.com Yes indeedy that's the worse part they truly believe. Less ideology and more common sense would make a better formula.

    @Tatty "I demand it?"

    Yes that's the only way to get back power so we don't have to put up with this nonsense