Friday, 16 November 2012

Politics In Crisis

The Telegraph reports:
A poor turnout and spoilt ballot papers have left the police and crime commissioner elections in "complete shambles", Labour have said, as David Cameron is forced to insist elected candidates will still have a mandate.
There will be radio silence for a while at TBF Towers as I attend the second meeting of the Harrogate Agenda tomorrow in Leamington Spa. The sooner it's implemented the better...


  1. Do you get the impression that nobody gives a shit anymore?

  2. @Bucko The impression I get is people give a shit about politics just not politicians nor how it currently works. What we need is a vehicle or movement that can express that.

  3. I think people give a shit, they give far more of a shit than anyone thinks. They just know that under the current system they can not do anything about it, and about that, the political class "don't give a shit"

    People have tried writing to their MP, if they get a response, then its a standard X party response.

    They signed petitions, only to have them dismissed in the commons, or to have votes killed by the whips.

    Oh, people really do care about how much money they hand to governments, and how its spent, and how much fuel costs etc. They are just disengaging because they know under the current system there is not a god damned thing they can do about it.

  4. The trouble is BF, those movements come in the form of people like Occupy.
    People have lost all sense of responsibility and turn to those who would give false promises for 'fairness' and 'equality' that cannot be achieved in a free society.

  5. @Bucko, Occupy is a negative movement which is mostly 'against something'...what we're trying to create is a positive one...something to aspire to which means all the things as a consequence that we don't agree with fall short as a result.

    Never give up...that's what they want