Thursday, 8 November 2012

The EU Is On Strike

No, really:
BRUSSELS - Around nine in 10 EU Council staff and one in 10 European Commission officials went on strike on Thursday (8 November) in protest at proposed pay cuts.

Trade unions estimate that between 500 to 1,000 workers met outside the commission's main building in the EU quarter in Brussels to hear speeches and wave placards.

The EU court and commission offices in Luxembourg were also affected. Commission research facilities in Petten, in the Netherlands, and in Ispra, Italy, were involved as well.

The Council did almost no work as a result.
Oh dear, what a shame. This comes under the category of 'make your own jokes'.


  1. Luxembourg. Have visited there several times. Shit stain on Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker, I think it was, the piece of shit, presumes to tell us the English what we should and shouldn't do. If there was any justice in Europe, we'd crush them like the gnats they are. That's the consequence of telling our inferiors that they are our equals. Sooner of later they know that they aren't the same, and conclude that they therefore must be superior. My belief is always keep your inferiors in their place, particularly socialists.

  2. @JiC Never been to Luxembourg myself, given your description that's probably for the best ;)