Friday, 2 November 2012

Dying Of Shame?

I know, I know, attacking Ken Clarke over his pro EU views makes shooting fish in a barrel seem like an exercise in learning the Rach 3. But anyway here he is on today's BBC Daily Politics (16:30 mins onwards):
“people should die of shame of the warnings they gave of what would happen if we were to sign up to the Maastricht Treaty”.
This a Tory MP, on the front bench. Perhaps Mr Clarke has forgotten that the Tories have yet to win an election since Maastricht, or that its party membership collapsed in the mid-90s never to recover again, or that it failed to win an election against one of the most unpopular governments in history (2010) or that it helped spawn the birth of UKIP or that it facilitated a massive revolution in unaccountable Government law making that the British had never ever experienced before.

But then this is the same chap who thinks not only are secret courts a good thing but so is joining the Euro.

Dying of shame? It's Mr Clarke that comes into that category not us.

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