Sunday, 4 November 2012


Nigel Farage appeared on today's Sunday Politics show, questioned by the formidable Andrew Neil...He appears circa 12:20 in...

As Ukip improve in polls ratings the scrutiny will intensify...power will protect its own. Farage made some good points about trade, but he has to up his game when it comes to details on Ukip policies.


  1. Well it depends on what you call UKIP policies TBF...

    Neill opened up the policy discussion, and then immediately filled it with loads of drivel about expense declarations on the UKIP website.

    However, although some UKIP policies would appeal to Labour voters, it is clear what sort of voter they are aimed at is the good old fashioned Tory which is no longer catered for by the old parties. You could almost grab one of Margaret Thatcher's manifesto's and scratch out Conservative party, and scribble UKIP over the top, so similar are they.

  2. The question of expenses are another result of more scrutiny that Ukip will get as it becomes more of a threat.

    Given the historical unequal treatment Ukip has had then they have to be whiter than white in this area (particularly as they often attack other parties on this issue) and they're not. I'm not suggesting Farage has done anything untoward but 'I didn't have time' doesn't wash if you want to make the step up to another level as a party.

    AN's question over Ukip's policy the simplification of the tax system is a question that I've long been expecting. While the aim is desirable its implications open a whole can of worms and then some.

    Farage clearly floundered over the £50bn cost but there are more questions over abolishing NI which I have never (as yet) heard Ukip answer - and will be asked by AN and others should Ukip move closer to 3rd party status.

    NI is the bedrock of many state benefits, by paying stamps we can work out who qualifies for what...abolishing it means what happens to unemployment benefit, statutory sick pay, state pensions (where you need 30 years of stamps to qualify for the full amount iirc)?

    What about retirement savings which are currently taxed (around 20%)? Obviously if you retire you don't pay NI but under UKip's policy in effect you will again. The questions are endless.

    So while Ukip's policies are superficially appealing, they are in danger of coming unstuck over detail which they must get a grasp on if they are to progress further

  3. I hear he is going to go on HIGNFY this Friday. That's an accident waiting to happen really.

    Hislop will rip him to bits about his expenses, and then the tax shortfall. He really has to be prepared.

    I saw him on Sunday politics and agree, he made some good points, but, on everything else fell short.

    Even giving "school boy" excuses on his expense reports, or lack of.

  4. @Jim Many thanks, I wasn't aware of that:

    ...Farage had a hard time previously on the show, I can understand the 'all publicity is good publicity' argument but surely it's counter-productive especially given HIGNFY's eagerness recently to blame every 'right-wing' person going for the Savile scandal.