Saturday, 27 November 2010

Angry And Neglected

The Daily Mail has an article by Tim Montgomerie on how a substantial section of the electorate are ANTI; Angry, Neglected, Traditionalist and concerned about Immigration. I'll leave commenting on this to the superb observations of Witterings From Witney, suffice to say this part was rather revealing (my emphasis):

Ed Miliband encountered this angry class of mainstream political deserter on ­Thursday when he sat down with some Tesco shopworkers in Dudley in the West Midlands.

They were working hard to make ends meet and they hated the way that their taxes were abused by people on ­welfare, people who could work but don’t.

The Labour leader looked shocked and uncomfortable at such conservative views from people he probably regarded as core Labour voters.

Why was the Labour leader shocked? The only way he could be shocked is if he doesn't hear such views very often. Which says rather a lot about the bubble he resides in and the lack of contact with real people he has.

If he did his job properly as an elected member of Parliament, these views would not have come as a surprise to him at all.