Saturday, 6 November 2010

Congratulations To Nigel

I'm a bit late to this due to be otherwise engaged yesterday, but congratulations to Nigel Farage for winning the UKIP leadership, quite comfortably as it turns out. This has prompted a number of news outlets to drag up some good old UKIP smears, but they would better to listen to Nigel's speech, a classic example of nail, hammer and hit:
And this is the time to be fearless; to be strong and decisive and to push for what we believe in. For never have the political classes been more out of touch with public opinion.

Patriotic Old Labour voters have known this for a long time. The Traditional Liberals are also finding it hard to recognise what the Liberal Democrats have become.

But for millions of Tory voters, the last few months have been something of a shock.

For years I was told 'The Tories are playing a very clever game' and 'Just wait until David gets in'.

Well, David is in. And his international policy is simple:

Surrender, Surrender, Surrender.

Patriotic Eurosceptic Tories are beginning to realise that under David Cameron and William Hague their party has ceased to exist. Quite simply, they've given up. Remember the cast-iron pledge of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty? They turned their back on it and now only UKIP are prepared to put the question to the British people.
In no single area does our national interest come first...In 'defending' the national interest, David Cameron has let the country down like a cheap pair of braces.

Britain needs a party that puts British interests first.

UKIP is that party, but it needs to up its game.

I'm appealing to people who believe in the UKIP message that the best people to govern Britain are the British people themselves; not to just agree with us, or lend us their vote at European Elections.

I'm appealing for them to join us, to get involved in this battle against our political classes. When David Cameron talked about the 'Big Society' I had no idea what he was talking about. Well, here's my version of it. Let's create the Big Society of law abiding, tax paying, patriotic people and urge them to join us in this battle against our gutless political classes.

Help us to make UKIP a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you.


  1. "UKIP is that party, but it needs to up its game."

    Could not agree more TBF, but will it? Will NF actually get this party by the 'scruff of the neck' and 'shake it up', accept his admin skills are not his forte and actually appoint people who can deliver this massive deficit?

    I don't particularly 'warm' to DCB, however some of his 'manifesto' was sensible.

  2. Absolutely WfW. Nigel himself admitted his admin deficiencies and personally promised to have a team in place to deal with that should he win. His leaflet that came with the ballot paper makes similar promises.

    One of the other changes I would like to see, a point I've made, is to be seen less as a one-man party. We need more spokesmen which defined roles, for example one for the economy another for crime etc.

  3. Agree with your last comment TBF. Exactly what I'd like to see, too.

    As well as Nigel, I think there are a couple ready for the spotlight.

    And know what, I think YI Chair Michael Heaver is ready to start taking on spokesman duties. As an eloquent young man who is reasonably easy on the eye, we'd be nuts as a party to fail to start making more use of his talent.

    We must do something to promote an image appealing to a wider demographic - and nowhere would this be easier than to promote UKIP as a "freedom party".