Monday, 1 November 2010

The Traitor Statement

Here's live coverage of Cameron's European Council statement (due 15:30).

Update: Ed Milliband: "Instead of 'no, no, no', the PM says; 'no, maybe, oh go on then'"

Update 2: Charles Kennedy: "Can I say this to one pro-European to another pro-European [Cameron]"

Update 3: Bill Cash asks the point 34 question. Cameron avoids it by refering to opt outs under protocol 15 which is about sanctions not the question asked

Update 4: A Tory question reiterating this joke from Dennis Skinner

Update 5: Cameron; "we want to enhance our sovereignty whilst making our armed forces more efficient". (in response to a 'co-operation with French' question).

Update 6: Dennis Skinner - "after a miserable failure did he congratulate the Italians for the Queen Elizabeth, the French for the Channel Tunnel, and the EU for our Post Office closures [sic]..."

Update 7: Peter Bone - "from one pro European to another [Cameron]"

Update 8: Kate Hoey; "Will there be an 'in or out' referendum in the next 5 years. Cameron: no, because I believe that we are best in the EU"

Update 9: Cameron - "I don't want a further transfer of powers."

Update 10: A Tory MP has just called Cameron the head of state oh FFS

Update 11: The impotency of our parliament is pitiful. It's all 'the EU can / will do this or may do that'.

Update 12: Cameron asked to give a cast iron guarantee that the EU budget won't go above 2.9. Cameron - I achieved an agreement and that's the best I could do.

Update 13: Cameron finishes with; 'EU parliament has real opportunity to make savings' in regard to a question over EEAS.

Cameron's session now finished. Summary? The usual waffle from Cameron, but given the number of Tory sycophantic questions praising Cameron's 'tough line' on the budget I think they may be in for a shock very soon.

(sorry I couldn't give a more comprehensive update, phone kept ringing)

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