Friday, 12 November 2010

The Tories Should Stop Whinging

Tory HQ damage to cost tens of thousands:
Prime minister David Cameron criticised the violence: “People who assault police officers or who smash windows or who break property are breaking the law and yes, those people I hope… will be prosecuted. They should be,” he said.
Look at the damage done to their last Headquarters, it was far worse:

There is rich symbolism in the fact that the former Conservative Central Office in Smith Square, Westminster, is to be renamed "Europe House", as the new London headquarters of the European Commission (currently tucked away in an obscure alley up the road).


  1. Disagree. I think he's quite right. Those hooligans should be prosecuted.

    As should all of those who have been party to treason or sedition.

    Does David Cameron agree with me on that point, I wonder? And if so, who would David Cameron suggest the top brass at Scotland Yard arrest first?

  2. It was meant tongue in cheek TTC, i.e. the EU took over their last building without so much as a peep out of the Tories.

    Agree that they should arrested, and surprise surprise those that have generally come from wealthy backgrounds.

  3. Well, said, Paul!
    The Tories need to learn the difference between minor transient damage and long-term annihilation.