Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Game Is Up

Nigel gives it both barrels:

(I always like the fact Nigel is introduced with the words 'freedom and democracy'. How the other members must hate hearing that phrase).

hattip: Oh What Now!


  1. They certainly don't TT, it would amusing if wasn't so serious.

  2. Amazing though how a group of politicians, Rumpey, Barosso can be in such denial ,surely they must know it's heads you loose ,tails you loose .
    Definately in the bunker now.
    The noise of the guns is getting closer

  3. Wont be long b4 the IRA start to look at the EUSSR for what they are the enemy and with 100.000 plus coming over for JSA how long B4 the BRA

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  4. Anon1, look at their faces - they're not in denial, they look beaten.

  5. Thanks for that BF!

    I'm tempted to undo a lifelong aversion to join any political party and go with UKIP, on the strength of that video/speech.

    A lesson for the Euroslime that is the coalition party on how to tell it like it is. Are you watching Dave and Nick, you spineless pair of traitors?

    It's a shame that this video can't be put on national tv to wake the drones up.

  6. @Anon2 I agree, it gets rather desperate when I agree with Sinn Fein (less their methods obviously)

    @TT They do, but unfortunately it's not over yet - it will be finger nails down the wall as they're being dragged out - and still it will require a stake through the heart and burning and goodness knows what else until the EU corpse stops twitching.

    @anon3 Excellent, I'm happy to help. Traitors indeed.

  7. I've had a feeling for a while that the pro-EU bloggers have been finding it an uphill struggle.

    As TT says, there is a look of resignation on the faces of those listening to NF.

  8. Hopefully you're right BJ,especially as now a major newspaper is campaigning for EU exit: