Monday, 8 November 2010

Getting Away With Murder

Laughably John Hirst, him the 'personal crusader for human rights', seems to be ignorant of other's human rights, notably freedom of speech (article 10) - other than, of course, the right to live. He's threatening to sue just about everyone for libel, including Gawain Towler:
John, you cut your landlandy up with an axe. Deal with it, some will not allow you the convienmce that you allow yourself, your manslaughter verdict does not in any way diminish your responsibility in my or many other eyes. To me you are an axe-murderer, and what is more I describe you as such ion converstaions, on line and elsewhere.

So go on, add me to your list of legal targets. Because that email and threat just has to be the most pompus thing I have seen in years.
Hirst's response?

I am putting you on notice to remove the libel against me or face the legal consequences.

Apparently the European Convention on Human Rights only works one way for the likes of John Hirst


  1. If this goes further and you or Gawain need to ask for subscriptions to defend yourself/ves against this murderer, then please let me (and no doubt others) know. I'm prepared to contribute to a support fund.

  2. Thank you JIC that is very much appreciated. Certainly I will as well contribute to help Gawain if he encounters any legal costs.

    (P.S. I haven't called John Hirst a murderer, well not directly)