Monday, 8 November 2010

"You're Stealing Our Votes"

From Derek Bennett, this comment resonates with me - as a UKIP candidate who stood (my emphasis):
When out campaigning for UKIP I was told by Tory activists that Cameron was a Eurosceptic, really but had to play it down. At the hustings meetings Tory candidates spoke out against the EU, and on election night when my Tory parachuted in opponent lost he moaned at me: “I hope you are happy with yourself” as he blamed me for preventing him from knocking Labour out in Walsall South.


  1. Yup, very, I wonder if the Tory can look at himself in the mirror?

  2. On the basis of what I have read, I think that first past the post is probably the best option to choose in the referendum on voting methods. And then to put pressure on the Conservatives to do something about the EU; ie bring us out of it; and immigration; ie. not only stop it but get rid of most of those who were brought in during the past 13 socialist years.

  3. The hard-done-by poor little EU-Poodle should take a look at his Party leadership before sounding off